1. The employer’s ¬†of BSBA provides its worker with PPE (Hand tools, Safety helmets, Eye Shields, Hard Hats, Globes, Apron, Overall protective equipments) through their contractors.
  2. The yard management has taken initiatives ot builds safety conciousness among workers by arranging training workshops.
  3. All recycling facilities provide accomodation sanitation, washing and cantine facilities for their workers as far as practicable. Improvements are done subject to the availability of funds.
  4. To ensure safety more mechanized methods (Magnetic grabs/ Cranes, Crawl cranes, Tow motor etc.) of handling are introduced. Lack of sufficient funds prevent quick procurement of equipments.
  5. Hazmats are handled with care e.g. oils are pumped & filled in drumps for onward shore use and other sent to appropriate recycling industries.
  6. Thirty (36) yards are in operation till 2007, Ten (10) more old yards went in operation by 2008. Four old and ten new yards went in operation in mid 2009. Twenty five yards are under development and likely to go in operation by 2010 to cope with global increasing of phasing out.